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About Sha-Pink

Born in Michigan and Illinois and then formed in California, Sha-Pink is an Arizona musical institution.

Jim began life as a synth-pop junkie strung out on Devo and Human League, and Darrin listened to anything that would piss off his parents. Jim's synth-pop sensibilities melded with Darrin's punk-rock aesthetic on a track named "Loose Chicks", and, in 1985, that Sha-Pink sound that you love was born.

Over the years Sha-Pink has recorded many albums selling hundreds of copies, inspired a fanzine, received substantial local airplay, delighted (and repulsed) audiences, created a plethora of music videos, produced a successful podcast, and has completed multiple RPM challenges.

With Jim and Darrin always at it's core, Sha-Pink has had many permutations, many line-ups, and many names. Distance, lovers, drugs and alcohol, jobs, jealous rival musicians, and other meaningless distractions have all contributed to the on-again off-again nature of their decades long career.

But it's still all about the music. A Sha-Pink song is a collision between Jim's hyper-talented infused writing/producing and Darrin's quirky sensibilities and rebellious expression. Their sound is unique and definitive, as smart is it is stupid, and most importantly, fun.

About Darrin Robertson

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Darrin is a song writer inspired by synth-pop, alternative, and punk rock. In addition to Sha-Pink, he is an accomplished computer programmer, graphic artist, videographer, photographer, and RC helicopter pilot. Darrin also records solo music that will be shared on the web soon.

About Jim "QUBIQ" Saccoman

Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Production
Jim is a song writer and producer inspired by classic synth-pop and modern dance music. He is also a Remix artist going by the moniker QUBIQ and has remixed songs for Heaven 17, Madonna, Bronski Beat, Kylie Minogue, Martin Fry, Right Said Fred, and Tony Orlando.
(Tony Orlando? WTF?!)

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