The Bunny Loft Sessions
Messed Up


Billy acts funny and Billy acts strange
There's something wrong with Billy's brain
Billy acts spacey and Billy don't talk
Last night he fell down in the park

B-B-B-Billy! B-B-B-Billy! B-B-B-Billy!
He's messed up

Jenny is pretty but Jenny don't care
She stuck some gum in her hair
Jenny draws pictures that daddy don't like
She drags a dead squirrel behind her bike

J-J-J-Jenny! J-J-J-Jenny! J-J-J-Jenny!
She's messed up

Petey's got a dog but his dog don't bite
Petey wrang his neck the other night
Mom's got candy now Petey's okay
A little sugar takes your cares away

P-P-P-Petey! P-P-P-Petey! P-P-P-Petey!
He's messed up

B-B-B-Billy! J-J-J-Jenny! P-P-P-Petey!
They're all messed up

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