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A Place Of Our Own
Come On Babe
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Gerth Grrrls
A Drinking Song
Riding The Bus
Holy Fire
Bonus Ship 2013
All Summer Long
Riding The Bus (Extended)


Vocals: Jim Saccoman

Between the sky and pavement
Through my window encasement
I look out on the busy avenue
Suddenly there you're walking
I find myself just gawking
Not even time to take a picture of you

◊ chorus
We don't have to go it alone
We'll get a place of our own
Where no one can find us we'll just fade away
And under the sky's dying light
We become part of the night
And come back to life with the breaking of day

Taxis and trees obscure you
If I were there I'm sure you'd
Fall the way I've seemingly fell
I'd give my very life to
Somehow just be beside you
Knowing you're going somewhere I will be as well

◊ chorus

Almost out of my vision
I must make a decision
'Cause I was not expecting to fall in love today
Now is the time for action
To satisfy this attraction
Because in a moment you will have gone away

◊ chorus

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