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Come On Babe
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Riding The Bus
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All Summer Long
Riding The Bus (Extended)


Vocals: Darrin Robertson
Backing Vocals: Jim Saccoman
Guitar and Harmonica: Darrin Robertson

Order the same damn thing
This restaurant is such a bore
And every new movie we see
Seems like the same ones we saw before
What's on the TV
I really don't give a damn
All I want is my just desserts
That's just how I am
(a sweet tooth man)

◊ chorus
I don't need a season pass to ride you every day
I don't have a hammer but I'll bang you anyway
I don't have a carpet but I'll shag you wall to wall
Come on babe, you can have it all
Come on babe, we can do it all

Talk and talk and talk
And say nothing at all
Spend all your money
Buying nothing Down at the Mall
I'm not concerned with your status
or nomenclature
I am the trespasser
It's in my nature
(He had a pumpkin for a head)

◊ chorus

Hear the voice on the radio
Don't disobey Marvin Gaye
The reason they play that song so much
I request it every day
Laying in bed with you
Catch our breath and then
Take a pull from the bottle
Before we go again

◊ chorus

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