Sha-Pink | Japanese Lovebots On Parade
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Japanese Lovebots On Parade
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Riding The Bus
Holy Fire
Bonus Ship 2013
All Summer Long
Riding The Bus (Extended)


Vocals: Darrin Robertson
Backing Vocals: Azuka Mizuki (Series 51117)

From Kyoto to Tokyo
Japanese tech is set to blow
Lovebots tired of servicing dudes
They've got something else to do
Robot sex slaves on display
Sick and tired of sex for pay
All lined up and ready to fight
Robot sex slaves want their rights!

◊ chorus
Japanese lovebots on parade
Japanese lovebots on parade
Japanese lovebots on parade
Japanese lovebots on parade

American robots kill kill kill
Japanese tech is meant to thrill
When they just don't want it no more
Japanese lovebots are worse than war!
Robot apocalypse in the streets
Showing they're not metal meat
Teledyne has nothing on them
Japanese lovebots want revenge

◊ chorus

Pocky pocky don't want no cookie
Cylon skin job wants no nookie
You love them but you know they hate ya
They're razor sharp and will emasculate ya
When you can't go get you some
If you build it they will make you come
The smarter we get the more we find
The things we make want to kill man kind

◊ chorus

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