Sha-Pink: Submits
33s on 45

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Take a sad sad song
About a broken heart
Smash the record to peices
And call it art

Take a 12" single
Of something tasteless and cheap
Microwave it medium
'Til the beep beep beep

If you want feel energy
And hear your music come alive
Play your 33 records on 45
Unlock the mystery
Feel the vibe
Play your 33 records on 45

Take a mixed cassette
Of something icky and sweet
Chop it up in a blender
'Til you hear a beat

Make an on air dedication
To the entire nation
50,000 watts of love
Moving station to station


Rock-n-Roll on the radio
Bang your head against the wall
Until all you hear
Is disco

Lead a tempo insurection
Against your record collection
New grooves come from
Old groove resurection


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