Sha-Pink: Submits
Cougars in Jaguars


It's really cool to let puppies use your pool
And make them blind serving Trader Joe's wine
Take a dip and let a nip slip
Look around see if anyone cares

[chorus] Did you know there were Jaguars in North America?
(Being driven 'round by cougars)
And a cougar's main prey is boys
(Jaguars guzzle gas)

You know she's down for a merry-go-round
But the Hummer's in the shop so she drives the rag top
Driving past the school where she used to be cool
Now she's just an old lady who can't control her drool


She thinks love kills, she only wants the thrills
Taking lots of pills to control the warmth and chills
Cashing in stocks for a round of Botox
She hangs around the chickens just to get at the cocks


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