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Sha-Pink is currently working on a commercial follow up to "Noice". It's going to be even more experimental and wierd. We're digging it. In the mean time, listen to Sha-Pink's latest RPM offering: The Lemon Verbena.

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About Sha-Pink

Born in Michigan and Illinois and then formed in California, Sha-Pink is an Arizona musical institution.

Jim began life as a synth-pop junkie strung out on Devo and Human League, and Darrin listened to anything that would piss off his parents. Jim's synth-pop sensibilities melded with Darrin's punk-rock aesthetic on a track named "Loose Chicks", and, in 1985, that Sha-Pink sound that you love was born.

Sha-Pink Is:

Darrin Robertson
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Contact: darrin@sha-pink.com

Jim "QUBIQ" Saccoman
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Contact: jim@sha-pink.com

Guilty of Collaboration

Dez :: Regii P :: Justice Prevails :: Yuri Matsue :: Tim Brink :: Lori Ludy :: Skullface :: E. Adam Thomas :: Jon Thompson :: Scary Larry :: Tim Alexander :: Anastasia Marciano :: Lydia Lash :: Tig :: Scott "Skins" Allen :: Gabby :: Corey and Jodi :: SL Slaughter :: Jack Rabbit :: Chuck the Punk :: Reuben "The Robot" Gonzales :: Tracy Edwards :: Beeky :: Y Cry :: "Cookie" Jarvis

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