Sha-Pink: Submits

Sha-Pink: Submits - 2009 RPM Entry

So Jim called me up like February 3rd or something...

So Jim called me up like February 3rd or something and told me about this RPM Challenge thing. He told me about it because he was recording as a solo album and probably wanted to let me know he'd be busy. I thought he was telling me we should do a Sha-Pink album. So I started doing a Sha-Pink album and somewhere along the way Jim did too.

Good thing we did. "Cougars in Jaguars", "33s on 45", "The Internet", and "Digital Midget" were all worth the effort.

Side note, Jim wrote and produced "Digital Midget" on his own. The first time I heard it, it was done. I thought the lyric was "Digital midget u r a digital midget on Monday" for the longest time. Not that the actual lyric makes any more sense.

- Darrin

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