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Back to the Beach 09


Standing on the shore staring out at the sea
I see a bobbing head staring back at me
And shouting "help me help me I can't swim"
I said "the water's too cold I'm not coming in"
I really can't stand when people shout that way
I wish a shark would come along and drag her away
You really can't blame me she was out of reach
So I turned away ... I turned my back to the beach.

So I walked along Fisherman's Wharf pier and I found one of those stands where I got a crab salad for a buck ninety-nine. You know the ones, over to the side of the pier -- and I sat down on a bench to watch the sea lions fight each other for positions on the buoys. I ate my crab salad. Watching the sea lions. With my back to the beach.

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