Sha-Pink Pull Slowly And Die

The Bunny Loft Sessions

These are all demo quality songs.

And it was the late 90's.

The first shots of the digital revolution were still ringing in our ears. At a time when yesterday's state-of-the-art analog recording equipement was becoming tomorrows garage sale fodder, I aquired a Tascam cassette four track recorder ... cheap.

I set my new treasure up on a folding table in the loft of my condo and, joined by a Korg guitar processor, a Roland Groovebox, and a large stuffed bunny, Jim and I set out to make music. We wrote guitar based rather than synth based songs with the intent of creating a sound divergent from our status quo. Jim wrote and sang most if not all of the lyrics.

The resulting recordings were sloppy, underproduced, mixed poorly, unrefined and often incomplete, and some of my favorite Sha-Pink.

- Darrin

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