Spirit In The Sky


Worshiping idols and holding revivals
    and looking for truth in the sky
Searching inside us for something to guide us
    to find out an answer to: "Why?"
One has the Torah and one has a Bible
    and one reads only the Koran
Deep in the jungle one worships volcanoes,
    sacrificing both beast and man

And it's been dawning on me
With the sun in the sky
Die against the Southern Cross
Like a lullaby
It's all so simple to me
In a long lost truth
Recycling the tin cans
Of our forgotten youth

One's cleansed by water and one's cleansed by fire
    and one is cleansed only through prayer
One wears a turban and one paints their face
    and one wears magical underwear
All feel their truth is the one that is right
    a conviction that poisons ones head
One starts a war and one fights a war
    and many of them end up dead


Delusional psychosis is present in most of us
    if there's no god in the sky
No need to grin' cause you abstain from sin,
    you may be living a lie
Today blood still flows from the alter and battlefield
    commanded by powers on high
The path of the righteous is truly inside us
    there to discover and try


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