I Just Called To Say
"I Love You"


You build it up
I break it down
That's just the way that it is
You're throwing judgment
At everyone
And when you hit it's a miss
You speak your mind
I criticize
And lie to all of your friends
All is escaping
Your little mind
It's all just wrong in the end

You're just so disposable
Worst of all you're free
All your pretty, pretty flowers
Are all just weeds to me

Each time you smile
I reconcile
I make everything okay
Your effigies
Are ticks and fleas
I constantly burn away
You speak your mind
I cut your tongue
And take a piece every time
You sing your songs
It won't be long
Until your voice will be mine


You bake a batch
I eat the lot
And spit it out at you
You stare and smile
Don't say a word
There's nothing else you can do
If you protest
I would know better
That's your personal hell
So for now
And for always
I have you under my spell


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