Sha-Pink Pull Slowly And Die

Pull Slowly and Die - 2010 RPM Challenge

Several years on and somehow we're expected to remember something (anything?) about the conception and production of this album.

How about a song by song run down?

INTROMMERCIAL because every colleciton of songs should start with a summary. NO COFFEE FOR THE ZOMBIES because zombies shouldn't run. COMMUNIIST PARTY because Bolsheviks are fun, and LOVE IS AT HAND because so is masturbation. TV SET because we all love the real world. HANG AROUND because stalking is better when it's intentionally annoying. HUMAN CATAPULT because we've all been rejected. DEAD END JOB because we've all rejected ourselves. MAGIC why not. FOR NEVER YOUNG because we miss the Russian goblins of our youth. GET YOUR TETON and DARKSTAR because the painkillers that dentists give you are spectacular when taken by the handful.

Huh. Pill-popping. What could be more Factory?

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