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Download A Many Splintered Thing (68mb)

Oh my God.

You guys went serious and possibly made the
best album of your storied careers.

- Tim Alexander

All songs written, recorded, and performed by Sha-Pink.

All songs produced and mastered by QUBIQ

Sha-Pink "A Many Splintered Thing" was created entirely in the month of February, 2013 in accordance with the rules of the RPM Challenge. "A Many Splintered Thing" marks Sha-Pink's fifth successful competion of the challenge.

Sha-Pink would like to thank...

  • J Catapano for putting up with our shit all month
  • A & B Robertson for the XMas Kalimba
  • Everyone Jimmy C has touched inappropriately for not pressing charges.

Sha-Pink's Previous RPM Challenge Albums:

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